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I am a photographer/artist. Not only do I take photos and do photographic art. I do acrylic painting and pouring.rolex replica The things I paint are not limited to canvas... I take ordinary objects and turn them into art! 



About the Photographer

Hi I’m Vicky. I’m a country girl who loves the wide open spaces. Capturing moments is what I do with some interesting twists now and then. I am a wife, mom and g-ma and I have been married to the love of my life since high school (he kind of swept me off my feet)!


I have a love for animals, large and small which is also why I love my fruits and veggies!rolex replica Photography has always been my passion but just like a lot of things it got repositioned to the rear while working and raising kids.  My memories of all those years are filled with wonderful pictures and now I want to share my passion with you!  “I have always had an eye for photographing everything!"


Photos are very important so you can have those memories to pass down to generations to come. I also donate my time to those who, for whatever reason, just can't afford to have professional services done such as taking pictures for charities for advertising, shelter animals, etc... If you think you qualify for my free services please contact me and we can talk about what it is you need!


Contact Me

If you would like to purchase something you see, please contact me for pricing. I like to work with customers personally so I can understand what it is you really want. 


You can email me directly at


For inquiries about coming to my studio, please call 309-502-1053.

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Check me out on Facebook!rolex replica



Welcome to Majestic Oak Studio

Welcome to Majestic Oak Studio's web page. Grab a cup of coffee or an ice tea and browse the many pictures I have for sale.  Better yet, come visit me at the studio. I have some exciting new features! Acrylic paintings and acrylic pours on just about anything you can imagine.replicas de relojes If you have an idea that you want created just let me know and I will create it for you...or if you want to be a part of the design we can do it together.

No job is too small or too big. Call me and let me know your plans and you can stop by the studio.

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**New addition is the (Choose your Meme ) category. Just let me know your favorite quote or phrase and I will put it on the picture. Then you can either purchase it as a framed print or it can be digitally sent to you to use however you like! I will keep adding pictures to this category so check back often. 

**** Have some photos you just don't know what to do with?  Just send them to me and let me do my magic... I can change any photo to black and whtie, abstract, just a tint of color, anything.****

Interested in having an acrylic pour party? I can take up to six people in the studio for a pour your own art on cavas party. Bring some drinks and some clothes you don't mind getting paint on and get ready for a fun therapeutic time! $40 per person.

The studio hours:  I am around most of the time but call just to make sure before heading out. 309-502-1053.         

 I'm pretty sure you will find something you love!replicas relojes If you don't we can create one together.

Achievements & Features

Published in 'National Geographics YS' Daily Dozen July 06 2016 ..... 

Published in 'National Geographics YS' Daily Dozen September 25 2015 .....

Published in 'National Geographics YS' "Photos Get Physical" assignment .....

Published in 'National Geographics YS' Daily Dozen February 13 2017 .....

Published in 'National Geographics YS'  "Why We Love Pets" assignment .....

Published in 'National Geographic YS  "Lines, Textures, and Patterns" assignment .....

Published in 'National Geographic YS' "Tale of Two Wolves" assignment .....

Published in "National Geographic YS" "Inspiring Experiences" assignment .....



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Editing of photos sent to me

Also as I mentioned in my bio I do offer my services for free. Just depends on what it is you need and the situation. Please contact me for information.



The studio is unique in the way that I am literally in the country, you should see the view!replika shop  So give me a phone call first before visiting to make sure I am around the shop. You won't be dissapointed.                 309-502-1053

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